The situation

Last year there were parliamentary elections in Latvia. No doubt, that this was a lot of waste of different resources: money, people work, time and other!

This process was totally manual or this is an old paper-based system. Every individual should take its passport and go to special election places. There were around 150 election places around Latvia, thousands of people were involved in organizing and managing election processes. Millions of EUR had been spent on paper, salaries, different security events, neutral observers and more and more. The budget for Special Election Commision is millions of EUR every Year. We ask Why?

The solution

We believe that elections can be done electronically and the blockchain is the technology which can be used for it. This will save money, time and different resources for everyone. There are many things which can be solved using the blockchain for elections such as identity check, security breaches, transparency, fraud, corruption and many, many more.

Using the blockchain there could be reached total transparency, allowing for votes to be followed, counted, and correlated by many different sources while still maintaining the privacy of the voters due to the anonymous transactions along the blockchain. It is also a beneficial tool for the election commission to maintain transparency in the electoral process, minimize the cost of conducting elections, streamline the process of counting votes and ensure that all votes are counted.

There are already many solutions for an identity check in the market. A voter’s identity could be verified using biometric tools like a thumbprint scan before voting on a mobile device or facial recognition to authenticate voters.

This could work! Each vote forms part of a chain of votes, where it is mathematically proven by the third party participant. Using the blockchain, all data of the election process can be recorded on a publicly verifiable ledger while maintaining the anonymity of voters, with results available instantly.

This mobile voting system could also boost turnout. It could make it more convenient for citizens to vote while abroad, irrespective of the distance and time.

AndIT is using the Blockchain technologies to solve complex business and technological challenges. Our main focus is on different enterprise and government solution development. We see that distributed and possibly anonymized ledgers can unlock new frontiers for different fields.

AndIT pride is in the success of AndIT people and clients!

P.S. Before start using the blockchain in the government elections, we advise starting with smaller pilot projects, as business votes, internal parliament voting or other.

Ingus Staltmanis CEO, AndIT Solutions
Andars Ignacs CTO, AndIT Solutions

Other thoughts