Most healthcare data is centralized at the level of government registry. Unfortunately, this registry hasn’t been able to aggregate patient data in one place and secure it so that only the patient has control of it and can make decisions who they want to share it with.

We have developed the first concept for storing the highly sensitive personal data using Blockchain.

Blockchain databases hold their information in an encrypted format and it can be unlocked only with the private key held by the patient. No one without permission of the patient can access their personal and sensitive information of different medical records. Also, patient medical records can be written to the blockchain, which will provide absolute proof and confidence that a medical record cannot be changed. The integrity of the medical record is ensured. This has an impact in legal cases as well where the integrity of the medical record is essential. The same concept can be applied to clinical trials.

AndIT is using Blockchain technologies to solve complex business and technological challenges.

Our main focus is on different enterprise and government solution development. We see that distributed and possibly anonymized ledgers can unlock new frontiers for healthcare. The blockchain is essentially a new normalization tool for digital information, which stores data in a distributed ledger and it enables the creation of tamper-proof, highly robust databases which can be read and updated only by those with permission. We believe that in the future blockchain will be as a component of a system in which patients serve as stewards of their own data, rather than relying on any central source. The blockchain is decentralized and therefore not impacted by the behavior of any one organization.

At the moment we can only imagine smart healthcare systems operated by artificial intelligence (AI) that make accurate diagnoses based on our medical scans and records.

AndIT pride is in the success of AndIT people and clients!

Ingus Staltmanis CEO, AndIT Solutions
Andars Ignacs CTO, AndIT Solutions

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