We are using Blockchain technologies to solve complex business and technological challenges. Our main focus is on different enterprise and government solution development.

We see that distributed and possibly anonymized ledgers can unlock new frontiers for artificial intelligence (AI).

AI processes include the acquisition of normalized data and rules for using the information, reasoning it and self-adapting. The blockchain is essentially a new normalization tool for digital information, which stores data in a distributed ledger and it enables the creation of tamper-proof, highly robust databases which can be read and updated only by those with permission.

At the moment AndIT is working on the next-generation platform which can be divided into three main parts: Personal identity, Services and Products, Payments (financials). We are using Blockchain technology to combine these main parts for people to interact with the Governments and Businesses and it leads to common widely used data and business standards for products and services. This can unlock so much value and convenience in our lives. There are many live use-cases where this can be efficiently used like healthcare, taxation, customs, telecommunication and other fields.

AndIT pride is in the success of AndIT people and clients!

Ingus Staltmanis CEO, AndIT Solutions
Andars Ignacs CTO, AndIT Solutions

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