Today almost everything about our personal identity can be found on the internet. At the same time our personal information is highly vulnerable in current version of online databases. Each piece of information comes together to develop our online profile — our name, age, work history, social networks profiles, addresses. Almost every interaction or online transaction can’t be done without some type of digital identity. Whenever we have to identify ourselves, we need to reveal a lot of information to prove we are who we say we are. But how safe is that?

Turns out, we are often not in control over our own identities. We can’t see who has access to our private information, where it is saved and how our data is used. This information is not accessible to us. Our personal information is regularly shared without awareness. There are many people in the internet who want to steal our identity. This important information acts as a centralized source of sensitive data for hackers.

We all want control to our identity. AndIT is using Blockchain technologies to solve complex business and technological challenges. We are working on the next-generation platform which can be divided into three main parts: Personal identity, Services and Products, Payments (financials).

With regard to identity protection, Blockchain technology is truly revolutionary. Blockchain based identity management solutions return control of personal identity data back in the hands of end users. People can manage and confirm the user identity in a much better and secure way. It enables us to choose segments we want to share and not give the access to parts we want to hide. We will be able to choose with whom we want to share our data on our own terms and present the minimum amount of information third party needs to identify us.

Blockchain technology also will allow us to track where our data is used and centralize it. Blockchain will compile all our data and will store it in a centralized location.

Our digital ID created by Blockchain, can be applied for authentication purposes globally. Being able to meet global identity requirements it can be used across global platforms and provide better security of end users. Following benefits such as reduce or eliminate redundant compliance steps will emerge. Instead of spending hours filling out online forms, this process could be reduced to minutes. We will be able to simply allow access to our central data storage.

Blockchain technology can be used for storing the highly sensitive personal data. Blockchain offers a solution to many digital identity issues and can be applied to identity applications in the following areas: Digital Identities, birth certificates, passports, E-Residency, IDs, wedding certificates, online account logins, etc.

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